Who We Are

RTM is an industry leader with over 30 years of experience in the construction industry assisting and supporting building contractors, developers, project managers, architects and consultants, lawyers, Local, State and Federal Government Departments and financial institutions with the delivery of building and construction projects. RTM is involved with the property and construction industry at every level and from every perspective.


Construction programming, planning and scheduling is the foundation of RTM’s business, working with our clients to plan, prioritise and manage the various elements of a construction project. Our services assist with providing a clear way forward for the procurement and construction of a project, including the identification of potential risks and their mitigation, with the objective of accurately answering the age old question of “how long is it going to take?”.


Programming affects all sides from all perspectives in the construction of a project. As an Independent, RTM exposes your project to industry best practice built through our extensive experience. This also allows the company to act as the external party holding people and organisations accountable to the completion of a project. We’re grounded to the reality of current market conditions and practices, which gives our clients grounded advice linked to construction reality.

RTM’s capability

With extensive experience spanning across the residential, commercial, retail, industrial, education, health and research, mining, infrastructure, energy, defence, aviation, sporting, arts and recreation sectors, RTM’s capability includes:

  • Construction programming, planning and scheduling
  • Construction management and project planning
  • Construction status reporting and monitoring
  • Contractual Claims, Advisory and Audit Programming
  • Project Independent Reviews
  • Project Feasibility and Business Cases
  • Town Planning and Development Advice.

What Sets Us Apart

RTM has significant experience in and knowledge of the Australian building and construction industry and has been involved in many iconic and landmark projects across various sectors.
RTM has an unparalleled diversity of experience in the Australian building and construction industry. In its history, the company has been involved in projects across most sectors throughout Australia, with an extremely diverse range of clients.
RTM offer Town Planning services, which gives the company the ability of involvement from a project’s inception right through to practical completion and post-construction.

Our History

RTM was established by Richard Rowles in May 1985 out of the on-site Construction Industry, with an immediate and ongoing focus in Construction Programming.

The company now programs more than $1 Billion worth of projects every year.

Construction Programs were hand drawn pre 1988

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